Press Release: Eco Touch is here! February 01 2012

Washing your car shouldn’t cost the earth!

Environmental protection, Cost savings, Outstanding results!

All substantial benefits of a range of eco friendly car care products that has revolutionised the US valeting sector and now available in the UK!

Show that you care about the earth and its resources whenever you clean your car by using Eco Touch products that are 100% environmentally friendly!

Eco Touch produces 100% environmentally friendly products that are completely non-toxic, biodegradable, phosphate free and come packaged in 100% recyclable materials.

The flagship product is ‘Waterless Car Wash’ – a car washing solution that allows you to clean your car without using water at a time when the climate is changing, hosepipe bans and droughts are on the horizon and consumers are moving towards services with the greenest credentials.

Robert Clague, from Eco Touch, says: “Some traditionalists will have a cautious view of ‘green’ car cleaning products – but they can be assured that the Eco Touch product range will meet and exceed all their high standards and expectations.

“Using Eco Touch products will be cost effective, more efficient and because the range really is environmentally friendly it will be interesting to people looking for those ‘green’ criteria.”

Eco Touch actively promotes environmental awareness and, as a values driven company committed to water conservation and the protection of natural resources, is always developing new products.

It is this core principle that has played such a big part in the firm’s success since its inception five years ago.

The range includes ‘Quick Wax’ that offers a simple ‘spray, wipe and buff’ application for those people without hours to spend waxing their vehicle;  ‘All Purpose Cleaner’ is a great all round natural product that produces incredible results from vinyl to metal and  ‘Wheel Cleaner’ that relies on natural citric acid to break down brake dust and ingrained dirt without damaging alloy  wheels.

Robert added: “Eco Touch is at the forefront of innovative thinking as to how we can clean our vehicles without using harmful chemicals that compromise our environment.

“This is the next generation of car care products and provides car users across the United Kingdom with an opportunity to contribute to the ‘green’ movement!

The Eco Touch product range complies with the latest European ‘REACH’ regulations and offers professional cleaning quality without any toxic ingredients – unlike other car cleaning products on the market.

Robert emphasises: "At Eco Touch we are not just concerned about environmental issues but also with the wellbeing of all our customers which is why we only formulate and manufacture effective products that are non-toxic and safe to use. This commitment is demonstrated by the fact that we are the ONLY car care manufacturer that provides complete transparency by disclosing all details of the active ingredients of our products.”

Eco Touch is exclusively distributed in the UK by Conserveco Limited.



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