Window Clear


You’re clear about it

Everybody will appreciate the ability to clean windows without inhaling toxic ammonia fumes - with a formulation that works - no streaking and a brilliant shine! Window Clear contains plant-derived ingredients and natural minerals to dissolve insects, fingerprints and more with ease!
So that we’re all clear - Eco Touch the glass in your world!


  • Cleans and shines without streaking 
  • Free from ammonia or alcohol 
  • Automotive & household use

Available sizes:

  • 150ml ready to use
  • 500ml ready to use 
  • 5 litres ready to use 
  • 5 litres, 20 litres and 208 litres concentrate (contact us for pricing)


  1. Spray directly onto the glass. 
  2. For a brilliant shine, wipe with a dry Eco Touch towel.

All ingredients:

Filtered water, coconut-derived surfactant blend (for cleaning:cocamidopropyl betaine), sodium
citrate (pH builder), preservative (less than 0.05%).

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