FAQ (incl Demo video)

  • How do you use the Waterless Car Wash?
Using Waterless Car Wash is a simple three stage process: Spray, Wipe and Buff.
Here is a link to a 'How to' demo on the Eco Touch youtube channel.
3 stage process: Spray, wipe, buff
    • Will Waterless Car Wash scratch my car’s paint?

    No, it will not if you will use it wisely.

    First, make sure you are using quality microfibre towels. Our personal preference is to use towels with a minimum weight of 300 GSM (grams per square metre).

    Next, when wiping the Waterless Car Wash formula from the surface of the vehicle, use light strokes to pick up dirt. There is no need to aggressively rub the formula on the car's surface. We typically take the approach of "wipe and lift" so that the contaminants are not dragging on the surface of the vehicle.

    Lastly, use common sense. If you are dealing with a surface that is really muddy or sandy, you will  need a pre-rinse. Many people will argue that a pre-rinse defeats the purpose of a "waterless" car wash. Not in our opinion. With any method of washing your vehicle, whether it's waterless, rinse-less or with a hose and bucket, you'll need to somehow remove those heavy contaminants before cleaning the car. Otherwise you will definitely run into problems.

    • Why should I not use Waterless Car Wash in direct sunlight?

    Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash contains plant-derived surfactants (soaps) that help lift dirt away from the surface of the vehicle. In order for the formula to perform properly you need to ensure the car panel is cool so that these surfactants can get to work loosening up the dirt. Otherwise, the formula will evaporate quickly which can leave behind white residue or streaking. This will make your job tougher as you'll need to re-spray the surface and buff away any of these spots. Unfortunately this problem occurs with any washing method available today: hose and bucket, rinse-less or waterless. If the car is hot and you apply a liquid it will evaporate leaving residues behind. If you must work in direct sunlight, follow these steps for using Waterless Car Wash in direct sunlight.

    • How long will it take to waterless car wash a vehicle?

    This depends on several factors: size of the car, how dirty it is and how many people you have to help you! Listed below are the time estimates on waterless car washing vehicles.

    Small: 10-20 minutes

    Medium: 15-30 minutes

    Large: 20-45 minutes

    • How much waterless car wash will I use per car?

    It depends on a few factors: vehicle size; how dirty your car is; how good you are at cleaning (with experience, you will use less product); if it is first time your car is being washed with Eco Touch (the more you use our product, the smaller you require as the car is covered with protective surfactants). Our average yield is 150 ml per car. Depending on the factors above, you can wash up to 5 cars with one 500ml container.

    • Is the Waterless Car Wash the only product I will need to clean the vehicle?

    Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash is an excellent cleaner and protectant for the exterior of the car. However, we also offer other products such as Quick Wax or All Purpose Cleaner for cleaning the extremely dirty surfaces, removing hard spots and insects or we have Wheel Cleaner for extremely dirty wheel cleaning. We also offer Carpet + Upholstery and Dashboard Protect cleaners for interior surfaces as well as other products forming our full range of car care.

    • Can I use your product in direct sunlight?

    We strongly suggest you apply our waterless car wash on a cool car panel for optimal results. Since our formulas are water-based they will evaporate quickly if sprayed on a hot car panel. This can lead to streaking if you do not remove them in a timely fashion.

    • Can it be applied over existing wax/protection?

    Neither the Waterless Car Wash or Quick Wax will remove old layers of protection from a vehicle's paint. Wax removal requires using a very strong cleaning solution with an alkaline pH (10.0 +) or using an abrasive such as a clay bar. Both the Waterless Car Wash and Quick Wax have a fairly mild pH levels and neither contain abrasives, so there is virtually no way they could strip off protection.

    • How often should I wax my car?

    The amount of time between waxing a car depends on several different factors. 1) Where you live (warm or cold); 2) Type of car paint; 3) Quality of wax product applied; 4) Number of hours exposed to sunlight daily.

    All these variables can greatly influence how long a wax will retain on the vehicle surface. Products such as Eco Touch Quick Wax can safely be applied once a month without causing buildup on the  surface. Many of our detailers will use our product as a final detail car wax for their client's vehicles.

    • Are all waterless car care products the same?

    There are actually many differences between the various waterless car wash products out there. Here are some questions to ask when viewing the vast array of products:

    • Water-based or petroleum-distillate based formula?

    • Full ingredient disclosure on packaging and all CAS numbers on MSDS sheets?

    • Does formula contain protective agents (e.g. silicone emulsion, carnauba wax, teflon, PEG, etc)

    • Is there isopropyl alcohol used in the formula?

    • Are bottles and sprayers 100% recyclable?

    • Can the formula be used on both paint & windows?

    • Is the product a private-label brand?

    • Where is the product made?

    • Are there fragrances or dyes? Are they synthetic or natural?

    • Aerosol or pump sprayer?

    • How much water will I save by using Waterless Car wash?

    Comparing to the regular hose and bucket car wash, with Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash you are able to save up to 380 litres or water!