Inside the products

Filtered water

The main ingredient of all Waterless car care products. We call it “waterless” because you will not need to use any extra water to rinse or re-rinse the washed surface. 

Waterless Car Wash, Quick Wax, All Purpose, Window Clear, Tyre Shine, Carpet + Upholstery, Dashboard Protect,Wheel Cleaner

Alkyl polyglycosides

It is our top secret ingredient that works perfectly for dissolving and removing the dirt, oil and grease. It is extremely strong, although it comes from natural plants. Waterless Car Wash

Polymer emulsion: Dimethicone

Dimethicone is one of the various polymers that are based on silicone. It is a strong material, non-toxic and non-accumulating in the environment. This agent prevents streaks and unwanted residue and we must use it if we do not want sacrifice on the performance. Yet since it‘s not a natural ingredient we try and keep our usage of silicones to a minimum.

Waterless Car Wash, Quick Wax, Tyre Shine, Dashboard Protect

Soda ash

It is better known as sodium salt. In the past it was used to clean dirty calcified surfaces! The addition of this ingredient prevents hard water from bonding with the cleaner, regulates PH, allowing for a more even spreading of the cleaning agents. This is what really lightens the washing process.

Waterless Car Wash, All Purpose


Everything that is more or less natural will turn bad. This is why we must add some preservative (less than 0.05%) to keep our products fresh and effective for your use.

Waterless Car Wash, Quick Wax, All Purpose, Window Clear

Wheel Cleaner, Tyre Shine, Carpet + Upholstery, Dashboard Protect

Carnauba wax emulsion

Carnauba wax derives from the Copernicia prunifera plant, grown, harvested and processed in Brazil. Pure carnauba wax is extremely hard and therefore needs additional ingredients such as oils or solvents to arrive into a liquid form. It provides a deep rich look on the car's paint which is hard to imitate with synthetic waxes. We use it for protection, Water Resistance, Lubricity and Rub Resistance.

Quick Wax, Dashboard Protect

Beeswax emulsion

Beeswax Emulsion maintains and refreshes waxed surface giving an extra shine. Quick Wax

Surfactants: lauramine oxide & alcohol-ethoxylates (AE)


Lauramine oxide is a biodegradable foaming agent which is used not only to form the foam, it also enhances cleaning performance. It‘s proven not to cause any skin irritation when used in small quantities.

Alcohol Ethoxylates are powerful cleaners designed to dissolve oils and grease. They are readily biodegradable and deemed safe by EU environmental bodies.
All Purpose, Wheel Cleaner, Carpet + Upholstery

Solvent (soy-based)

Our soy based solvent is derived from soybean oil and is an excellent “green” alternative to industrial solvent used for various cleaners and degreasers and as a carrier solvent for coatings. It’s very effective yet not harmful neither for you, nor for the environment. All Purpose, Carpet + Upholstery

Citric acid


Ever heard that your grandparents used to use citrus fruits juice for cleaning? It helps softening water and tends to remove excess minerals from the water. Therefore the cleaning becomes more effective.

This is why we use our antecedents’ valuable experience and mix the citric acid into our products
All Purpose, Wheel Cleaner, Carpet + Upholstery

Lemon and orange essential oils

You must surely know the aroma of the freshly pealed orange? When you peel the fruit, you should notice that the rind squirts a tiny quantity of an aromatic fluid. That fluid is the essential oil. This is a natural fragrance used for an even more pleasant use of our cleaners. All Purpose, Carpet + Upholstery

Coconut-derived surfactant blend

We have added a natural surfactant derived from coconut to the window cleaner. It won’t irritate your nose when breathing, definitely not like the cleaners containing strong alcohol in them. It is used to play the similar role to this natural ingredient. Window Clear

Sodium citrate

As a buffering agent, sodium citrate helps us to maintain pH levels in some products  Window Clear

Mineral oil

Mineral oil is used as polishing agents to give a natural shine on the glass surfaces. It is generally safe for human contact and consumption Wheel Cleaner

Cetyl ester emulsion

It is a plant-based conditioning agent used for Tyre Shine formulation to impart a lubricous feel and soft gloss. Tyre Shine

Xanthan gum

Despite its rather alien-sounding name it is a natural agent.  The name comes from the bacteria used during the fermentation process, Xanthomonas campestris. It is usually used as a food thickener and stabiliser. We also use it for product thickening purposes. Tyre Shine, Dashboard Protect

Fragrance oil blend

A blend of both natural essential oils and synthetic fragrances designed to give a pleasant smell. Tyre Shine

Citrus sinensis

This citrus essential oil is pleasant to use in cleaning products and to remove stains, such as in coffee pots. Even the older ones! You do want to get rid of them, don’t you? Carpet + Upholstery


It’s a vegetable-based agent that is usually used in pharmaceutical formulations. It improves smoothness and works as a lubricant. When used on skin, glycerine prevents it from drying. We use it in Dashboard Protect formulation for vinyl conditioning purposes.  Don’t wear gloves – it will also condition your hands while cleaning the dashboard Dashboard Protect

Lavender essential oils

We only use this natural oil for your benefit. It removes nervous tension, relieves pain, enhances blood circulation and much more, so why not using this when cleaning a cars interior.  Dashboard Protect