Tyre Shine


Bring out the natural shine!

Eco Touch Tyre Shine protects and conditions your tyres in one easy step. The unique combination of plant derived emollients and waxes blend with the rubber surface to give a non greasy, robust, cosmetic coating. Simply squeeze some Tyre Shine onto an applicator pad and spread evenly around the tyres for a low gloss finish. Apply a second coating to increase the gloss.


  • Enhances natural shine and lustre 
  • Conditions and protects in one step 
  • Free from toxic chemicals & harsh solvents

Available sizes:

  • 150ml ready to use
  • 500ml ready to use 
  • 5L ready to use 
  • 20L and 208L ready to use (contact us for pricing)


  • Shake the bottle well. 
  • Squeeze the liquid onto an applicator pad. 
  • Spread evenly around the tyre wall. 
  • Allow to set for at least ten minutes before driving.
  • Avoid using on tyre treads or brakes.

All ingredients:

Filtered water, plant-based conditioning agents (cetyl esters), polymer emulsion (dimethicone), xanthan gum, fragrance oil blend, preservative (less than 0.05%).

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